We empower men by providing resources that build confidence and creates mental, emotional, and economic stability.

We are huge advocates for suicide awareness and the numbers show that men are the number one lead in suicide.

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Resources that build confidence and emotional & financial stability

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    Need help putting a look together? Can't find your size? We got you covered. We will work hard to provide a look for you and get your fit. Please contact us.

  • Hotlines & Job Resources

    We are working hard to put together as much information and resources as we can. We will be building and adding along the way. Hot lines, resources, job services, and more. Just ask.

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  • Positive Inspiration & Affirmations

    We want to create positivity, uplifting, motivating words of admiration and inspiration, with books, quotes, conformation that you are loved.

  • Non-Profit & Volunteer Services

    We are looking forward to working with other nonprofits in creating community support. Volunteer service to help mentor, and lend a hand with our events.

  • Solution Based Mentors

    We want you to know you are not alone and no matter what, we will help you get through it, Our team is here and other mentors. We want to see you succeed.

  • The Vision Is To eliminate suicide by men through awareness, support groups, professional attire, and community connections.

    We want to elevate men in such a way that they feel more confident to advocate for themselves, do better in the work world and have better self-esteem and leadership skills, we are committed to helping as many men as possible

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    About Elevate Him

    Bill's Story
    About 11 years ago I experienced the worst day of my life. A sibling friendship and bond I never thought could be broken. I remember hanging out with my brother after a long day's work watching football and enjoying chilli that I had just made, laughing and joking as usual. We made plans to meet up the next day, and get a few things done that he needed help with.The morning approached, and as I was getting ready, I received a phone call, "you need to come to your brothers house". It seemed urgent, I got this overwhelming feeling that something was wrong and I remember praying "God I hope he's OK." As I showed up,before I could even get out of the car everyone's face was heavy and filled with sadness. My heart was slowly shattering. Bill had taken his life. I felt like I was faced with my own death, how could this be? we had plans,and I didn't know you would ever do something like this. My life was never the same. As the years went by it still wasn't easy to accept nor understand. Not one day goes by, that I don't think of HIM.
    How Elevate Him Began
    ELEVATE HIM, was on my heart for years, I just pushed it off with many of excuses to not do a non-profit. I was scared, overwhelmed and still hurting. I kept telling God, "I'm not ready". March 2020, I had just quit my job working for Alaska Airlines. I felt I needed to take an emotional break and heal from personal things that had happened over the years. Well very soon after we landed in a Pandemic, a major world crisis. Everything slowed down and was put on hold, now all I could do was heal and grow. I spent months reading books,cooking, painting walls in my home, and finding peace In my life. Shortly after felt the nudge to go ahead and start my nonprofit. I said OK its time. Elevate Him, was created.
    What we wish to change
    It is to empower men by providing resources that build confidence in creates mental,emotional,and economic stability. Our vision is to eliminate suicide by men through awareness,support groups, professional attire and community connections. I want to become Bills voice and a voice of many others, to support men and let them know they are loved and needed. That suicide is not an option. This mission and vision is very dear to my heart,and I appreciate everybody who is joining me and supporting this journey, we can make a difference. Much love #ELEVATEHIM #SUPPORTOURMEN #TOGETHER.

    Meet The CEO Nickole Brewster